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Do you have a brilliant math lesson or thematic unit that your students respond well to? Have you ever thought, "If only I had the time I would publish this idea?" Teachers are very creative individuals and know best how children learn math. We are creating a compilation of math lessons written by teachers from grades kindergarten through eighth grade to help math teachers who are aspiring authors become published and to create a vast mathematics resource for educators and parents which will help kids learn math.

Step One: Contact Information

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Step Two: Lesson Plan

*Grade Level 
*Title of Lesson 
*Materials Needed  
(Please include resources such as websites, trade books, magazines, etc. Please site the exact source with title, author, publisher, copyright date, etc.)
*State Benchmark/Standard/Objective 
(Please copy and paste all objectives and objective designator numbers that are applicable to your lesson from your State’s Department of Education site. The state objective designator number is the series of numbers or letters before or after the objective listed on your State’s site.
Click Here to Link to Your State’s Department of Education Curriculum Site.
*Attention grabber 
(Pre-lesson discussion/activity to access prior knowledge and/or engage the children)
(Step-by-step practice numbered chronologically)
(What the teacher can do to see if the lesson was taught effectively: watching students work, assigning application activities, getting feedback, etc. (Can include both formal and informal assessment and both formative and summative evaluations)
(for any special needs students in the class)
(Please attach any activity sheets, assessment tools such as a rubric or quiz, or other materials you have created which enhance your lesson.)

Step Three: Submit Lesson Plan

Before you press the submit button, please make sure all information above is correct.

Please Note:
Submitting the same lesson more than once will slow down the consideration process.
Please press the submit button only once while your submission is being processed.
Clicking on the submit button more than once may result in multiple submissions.

Lesson Plan Submission Guidelines:

What we are looking for:
1. Math Lesson plans that have objectives which correlate with the State curriculum AND
2. Math Lessons that follow "Best Practices" in education AND
3. Math Lessons that are project based and/or hands-on-activities AND/OR
4. Math Lessons that integrate more than one subject matter AND/OR
5. Math Lessons that develop skills and process learning AND/OR
6. Math Lessons that use differentiated instruction

A Brain Party Lesson IS NOT A lecture or drill and kill worksheet

Math Lesson Plan Specifications
  • All submissions must be sent via our website at
  • If the math lesson plan you wrote is published, you will be paid upon publication. Payment amount will be determined at that time.
  • It can take up to three or four years for Brain Party to develop an educational resource. Please be patient. If your lesson is chosen for publication you will be notified by mail and your permission to print it will be requested. However, if your lesson is not chosen, you will not receive a letter as your lesson may remain under consideration for a future publication.
  • Submit as many different lessons as you like.

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